Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mister A

Mister A came to me a couple of weeks ago. He told me so many things were happening, one ofter the other, issues, problems here and there and that he song writing skills had gone away.

A explained to him that this wonderfull gift of being a song writer is a channelling process in the crown chakra. This chakra may have been blocked for some reason. I was waiting for the right moon to perfom the ritual for him.

While he was on the bus returning to Dublin, I asked him to have a nap, relax let it be, give me full permission to help him out.

I created the sacred space, called my helpers and some enetities associated with Mister A.

I cleansed and balanced his chakras, specially the Crown, Throut and Heart. I found the crown and Heart very heavy and got a few messages for him that was causing a few issues, energies putting obstacles in his own path.

I had to put him in a cascade of positive energy a few times to wash away some reminiscences. Lot of emotions in his body piled up during the last last years. The healing process for Mister A will take a few other sessions and in the meantime, I will need to meet him to explain how to deal with a few items that he wanted to improve in his life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mister K

Mister K was unable to sleep properly for days. He was under much stress from his profession. He was visiting my flatmate one evening, so I asked him if he would give me permission to a do healing on him. Even though he is a very religious (catholic) person, he was open minded. Permission is a very important energy that is necessary for the effectiveness of the enery work. With no permission, all the work may be useless. In Mister K's case, all I needed to do was to cleanse and balance the Chakras and inject energy of peace, joy and calmness. I created the sacred space, called my helper and started to wash his energy field and centers with cleansing energy. I worked my rattle all over his body and then on each chakra. I then passed the energy of peace, joy and calmness through his head, his left hand and his left feet. Saying my power prayer as usual. Lastly, I said the protection prayer and mediatate for a few minutes. At this stage I could see Mister K's awareness leaving his body. He entered a deep relaxing stage and it seems to happen when a lot of stress energy is released.

Right after he woke up from the session, he told me he felt the difference and later during the week he told me that he had had the best sleep he had had in months.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Italian A

I met Miss Italian A a couple of years ago. She is a very spiritual and psychic person. She came to me a few weeks ago with an love issue. She has been seing this guy for the last 5 years, now and them without formal commitment. The connection between them was very strong, however from his side, there was no sign to get serious on this. She couldn't move on with her life and forget about him easily. So, she wanted me to help her to exhost that energy. I decided that we would carry out a ritual in her appartment. I needed 2 candels (one pink and one ligh blue) that represented him and her, and color ribbons that represented the Passion, Karmic, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical connections). For the ritual I created the sacred space as usual, crated the container and set the intention. Call my helpers. We both charged the element used for the spell, explain to her the visualization to done while chanting and cutting the ribboms with scisors. I could how the energy was raising, while chanting and how her focus on the energy links between them to bring about a detachment and a relief of the energies linking in a relationship.
After that, I did my usual power prayers, to cleanse and bring peaceful energy to her heart.
A process like this takes sometime to be completed. Those energies that keep this relationship going the way it was take a few days to drain away.

I met her the other of a cup of tea, she went to Italy for a couple a days and told me her feelings have changed..that she met someone in Italy and in addition to that she is thinking about moving to another coutry.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss G

I have been trying to set up some time for a healing session for her but we were unable to do so.

She has been experiencing serious issues with her partner due to a combination of malfunctioning Thyroids and alcohol. For the last couple of weeks those experiences were actually piling up in her body causing more problems in addition to the ones that Thyroids bring about. She went through many different types of emotions from anger, aggressiveness, sadness, feelings of powerless, etc , etc, etc... and they werent draing out of her body.

This time, a carried out the ritual from the distance, me in my house and her in her house. I asked her to have a shower and go to bed for 30-45 min. Lit a candle, put some nice incense in her room and be left alone.

In my house I created the sacred space, set the intention, raise the energy and call for my helpers to work with me.

I started by cleaning her body, balancing and cleansing her chakras. During that process I noticed already some parasites entities in her body. I kept on doing my energy work, injecting high vibration energy along with my power prayer. Started from her head, then her left hand and then her left feet. Even if her body wasn't physically there I know that all point in the universe are in the same place. I worked 100% convinced of the fact that she was there with me and that all the energy I was sending and chanelling was going straight to her. No doubt or whatsoever. That realisation makes the distant healing works very effectively.

When I finished, I send her partner a text to let her it was over. She call me a couple of minutes after to thank me. She had had the most relaxing sleep, that she hadn't had in weeks and strong sense a peace and joy.

She told me that she experienced nausea a few times in the next 24 hours. Which is understandable...her body needed to let go lot of rabish trapped.

The next day, she had an appointment with a her doctor to assess her health and review her medication.

I am happy I can help her as I know how difficult it is to have thyroids problems.

Miss A case

Miss came to me a couple of times for some card readings. In a short period of time she faced a great amount of bad experinces related to her family. As results, she had difficulties to sleep, some random pains and a great messy emotions of sadness, frustration and most importantly unjustice.

I performed the healing ritual in my place. Carried out the usual protocol: The building-up of sacred space, setting the intention, raising the energy levels. Calling for espirutual entity helpers. Then I cleansed her chakras and aura. Subsequently, I injected positive high level vibration energy with the power prayer from her head, left hand and left feet. Afterward I casted an old protection spell (from the aborigins in Colombia).

During the ritual Miss A power animal came up. It was a Unicorn, I advised that to her. I ask her to find out the meaning of that in present time in life.

She told me she felt much relaxed and light. She experience flatulence the whole night after the ritual. I had told her that she may experience that, or any other way the body will release dirty stuff that needed to go.