Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mister K

Mister K was unable to sleep properly for days. He was under much stress from his profession. He was visiting my flatmate one evening, so I asked him if he would give me permission to a do healing on him. Even though he is a very religious (catholic) person, he was open minded. Permission is a very important energy that is necessary for the effectiveness of the enery work. With no permission, all the work may be useless. In Mister K's case, all I needed to do was to cleanse and balance the Chakras and inject energy of peace, joy and calmness. I created the sacred space, called my helper and started to wash his energy field and centers with cleansing energy. I worked my rattle all over his body and then on each chakra. I then passed the energy of peace, joy and calmness through his head, his left hand and his left feet. Saying my power prayer as usual. Lastly, I said the protection prayer and mediatate for a few minutes. At this stage I could see Mister K's awareness leaving his body. He entered a deep relaxing stage and it seems to happen when a lot of stress energy is released.

Right after he woke up from the session, he told me he felt the difference and later during the week he told me that he had had the best sleep he had had in months.