Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss A case

Miss came to me a couple of times for some card readings. In a short period of time she faced a great amount of bad experinces related to her family. As results, she had difficulties to sleep, some random pains and a great messy emotions of sadness, frustration and most importantly unjustice.

I performed the healing ritual in my place. Carried out the usual protocol: The building-up of sacred space, setting the intention, raising the energy levels. Calling for espirutual entity helpers. Then I cleansed her chakras and aura. Subsequently, I injected positive high level vibration energy with the power prayer from her head, left hand and left feet. Afterward I casted an old protection spell (from the aborigins in Colombia).

During the ritual Miss A power animal came up. It was a Unicorn, I advised that to her. I ask her to find out the meaning of that in present time in life.

She told me she felt much relaxed and light. She experience flatulence the whole night after the ritual. I had told her that she may experience that, or any other way the body will release dirty stuff that needed to go.


Anonymous said...

i've had the most relaxing experiencie in my life. Although i'm not a beliver in this sort of things I can safely say that this situation has changed my life. The healing worked out successfully. It came as a great relief. From that day on all my energies have raised and they became stronger, all my anger vanished without a trace. What's more, my spirit has risen. In addition to this i dare to say that this was the best experience ever had.
Thanks for your help
Miss A