Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss G

I have been trying to set up some time for a healing session for her but we were unable to do so.

She has been experiencing serious issues with her partner due to a combination of malfunctioning Thyroids and alcohol. For the last couple of weeks those experiences were actually piling up in her body causing more problems in addition to the ones that Thyroids bring about. She went through many different types of emotions from anger, aggressiveness, sadness, feelings of powerless, etc , etc, etc... and they werent draing out of her body.

This time, a carried out the ritual from the distance, me in my house and her in her house. I asked her to have a shower and go to bed for 30-45 min. Lit a candle, put some nice incense in her room and be left alone.

In my house I created the sacred space, set the intention, raise the energy and call for my helpers to work with me.

I started by cleaning her body, balancing and cleansing her chakras. During that process I noticed already some parasites entities in her body. I kept on doing my energy work, injecting high vibration energy along with my power prayer. Started from her head, then her left hand and then her left feet. Even if her body wasn't physically there I know that all point in the universe are in the same place. I worked 100% convinced of the fact that she was there with me and that all the energy I was sending and chanelling was going straight to her. No doubt or whatsoever. That realisation makes the distant healing works very effectively.

When I finished, I send her partner a text to let her it was over. She call me a couple of minutes after to thank me. She had had the most relaxing sleep, that she hadn't had in weeks and strong sense a peace and joy.

She told me that she experienced nausea a few times in the next 24 hours. Which is understandable...her body needed to let go lot of rabish trapped.

The next day, she had an appointment with a her doctor to assess her health and review her medication.

I am happy I can help her as I know how difficult it is to have thyroids problems.


Palavras said...

I always believed in the existence and the power of spiritualism,but i never had that curiousity to learn more about it.
I believe that for some good reason this angelic person came in to my life at a time of despair helping transform pain into joy.

I am so grateful to you Danaan!!


Adrian said...

Since Danaan, carried out his spiritual ritual on my partner, I have notice a vast improvement within her in every way. She seems a lot more relaxed and happy in herself,she is more vibrant and has more energy to do things.
She is a lot calmer and is starting to sleep better at nights. A lot of her anger seems to have left and she is showing more love, understanding and affection,now in our relationship than ever before.
I still know this is only early stages in my partners recovery to normal health and happiness, but so far so good, and long may it continue.
Thank you Danaan for your help.