Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Italian A

I met Miss Italian A a couple of years ago. She is a very spiritual and psychic person. She came to me a few weeks ago with an love issue. She has been seing this guy for the last 5 years, now and them without formal commitment. The connection between them was very strong, however from his side, there was no sign to get serious on this. She couldn't move on with her life and forget about him easily. So, she wanted me to help her to exhost that energy. I decided that we would carry out a ritual in her appartment. I needed 2 candels (one pink and one ligh blue) that represented him and her, and color ribbons that represented the Passion, Karmic, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical connections). For the ritual I created the sacred space as usual, crated the container and set the intention. Call my helpers. We both charged the element used for the spell, explain to her the visualization to done while chanting and cutting the ribboms with scisors. I could how the energy was raising, while chanting and how her focus on the energy links between them to bring about a detachment and a relief of the energies linking in a relationship.
After that, I did my usual power prayers, to cleanse and bring peaceful energy to her heart.
A process like this takes sometime to be completed. Those energies that keep this relationship going the way it was take a few days to drain away.

I met her the other of a cup of tea, she went to Italy for a couple a days and told me her feelings have changed..that she met someone in Italy and in addition to that she is thinking about moving to another coutry.