Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mister A

Mister A came to me a couple of weeks ago. He told me so many things were happening, one ofter the other, issues, problems here and there and that he song writing skills had gone away.

A explained to him that this wonderfull gift of being a song writer is a channelling process in the crown chakra. This chakra may have been blocked for some reason. I was waiting for the right moon to perfom the ritual for him.

While he was on the bus returning to Dublin, I asked him to have a nap, relax let it be, give me full permission to help him out.

I created the sacred space, called my helpers and some enetities associated with Mister A.

I cleansed and balanced his chakras, specially the Crown, Throut and Heart. I found the crown and Heart very heavy and got a few messages for him that was causing a few issues, energies putting obstacles in his own path.

I had to put him in a cascade of positive energy a few times to wash away some reminiscences. Lot of emotions in his body piled up during the last last years. The healing process for Mister A will take a few other sessions and in the meantime, I will need to meet him to explain how to deal with a few items that he wanted to improve in his life.